Final episode of A Clone Apart, Season 1, is now online!

A CLONE APART, EPISODE 08 is now available online. This marks the end of A Clone Apart’s first season.

I’m not sure when Season Two will begin, though it shouldn’t be too long. For now, however, I have to focus on promoting my novel FORBIDDEN. In case you didn’t know, there’s less than a week left to participate in our PRE-ORDER CONTEST for a chance to win free FORBIDDEN swag!


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  1. rotatingchamber

    So I went back and watched all the episodes again, and as always, I really enjoyed them. Not only is there a fun story and great voice overs, I’m left waxing nostalgic about my days playing the old Battlefront games. I know you, the creator, has been busy with the Last of Us and Uncharted 4, congratulations on those jobs by the way, but when will you return to this little series? Or perhaps the better question is will you return?

    1. RJ


      Yes, we will return. The “when” is hazy. Those last 2 games in a row took up a major ton of my personal and professional time, so it will take some time–possibly most of this year–for me to get those sorted out enough that I have time to dedicate to the final season of ACA. As I’ve said to everyone else, thanks for all your patience thus far.

  2. Rickey

    Could you make a teaser trailer for A Clone Apart when you start working, or a short clip (4-10 sec long) from the new season? That would excite your fans!

    1. rotatingchamber

      Uncharted 4 comes out next week so hopefully we’ll see some new life breathed back into this series.

  3. MasterKnips

    Good day, it’s been many months since there’s been any activity on this page. I was just wondering if there is any news on the clone apart project? Or if at least we will get some closure on the series instead of hanging on loose threads? I see it advertised on this page (even advertising sale of a book to support “a clone apart”) and a lot of people are excited for this, I hope you guys know that and it’s been ages since we have seen anything new.

  4. pandanate

    I did a different post but some reason it did not stay on this page, so to sum up: Any idea when next season will come out, or is this done? Its been almost three years sense you say, at least on this website, that you started. If you have any progress, we as fans just need a taste to stay in it. It was announced that SWB3 is just based after the original 4-6 movies, so you cant use that unless you somehow can put SWB2 characters into the new program. Please give anything!!!

    1. RJ

      @pandanate Sorry your original post didn’t get approved until today. I missed it while I was admin-ing the site!

      I know it’s been a long time, and I appreciate your patience thus far. Anyone who asks lately I’ve been telling it’s gonna be a year from now, when I finish my work on Uncharted 4. I know that’s bummer news but that’s the breaks for this material that’s, as you said, non-paying…

  5. pandanate

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that I think you should say whether or not that there will be a season 2. I first saw these episodes in 2013 and it is now 2015. From your last posts you said things about starting season 2 back awhile back, about 2 years from what I’ve gathered. I think you should at least show a trailer of some kind sometime this year if possible, if you don’t I think your fan base will disappear.
    I am also wondering if you were planning on using Star wars battlefront 3 for season 2 of A Clone Apart. I don’t think that would work, do to the fact that it is being said that it is based only on the Galactic Civil war( episodes 4 to 6). Just wondering what you have, or don’t have.
    P.S. Please don’t let this die away, I know it is a non-paying work, but I know I speak for everyone who has seen the whole first season when I say Thanks for what you’ve done, but we as fans need to know if this will ever come back.

    1. legotroop

      Actually Star wars battlefront takes place from episode 6 to after wards since Luke has the black suit, and is a actual Jedi now, also they probably could do it in Battlefront 3 if they had Danson get regular Stormtrooper armor the only problem is the robot would look just like a regular storm trooper just black armor, and the commander would have to get regular armor… I don’t believe they would do that but it is infact possible to do.

      Please bring back A Clone Apart! we’ve all been waiting almost 4 years now!

  6. baseballmike1125

    When will ACA season 2 come out?

  7. baseballmike1125

    When will ACA season 2 come out, its such a good series?

    1. RJ

      @baseballmike1125 It’s looking like at least a year from now, when I finish my work on Uncharted 4. Thanks so much for being patient with us.

      1. Alex_Vaz

        Omg finally some answers…ive been looking all over youtube for season two. Btw your vids have millions of views. But anyway…I looked at the trailer for S2 and it said 2013. So I was bummed and thought it was a dead series but I didnt give up. So I searxhed on Google A Clone Apart Season 2 and I got to this website. Please hurry, idk how much longer I can wait and like the comment further above said: Put out a small trailer just to let people know that your still working on it.

  8. Kopaka1242

    Any word on how Season 2’s production is going?

  9. Bigfella

    I have heard rumors, of ACA season 2 coming out soon, really soon. Is there any truth to this?

    1. Kopaka1242

      Well, obviously not.

  10. Aray7

    I love a clone apart i just rewatched the series today so i thought i might stop by here and see whats been up. I thought you guys got snuffed out by Lucas or canceled the series but now that i know you guys are still working on it i feel like im at the Reurn of the Jedi ewok celebration. But seriously this is awsome and i would love to contribute something. I don’t have money, but i do have ideas. if you want i can post some here or pm\email you guys some stuff. Iove Star Wars and ive played battlefront 2 since it came out on the ps2 so i would love to help out with this. Thanks guys!

  11. Mushuone1

    Is season 2 ever going to start? I’m ready to give up on you guys!!!

    1. RJ

      Sorry it’s been so slow, @Mushone1. I’ve been working late finishing the DLC “The Last of Us: Left Behind” and that takes a toll.

      1. Mushuone1

        Oh alright. Sorry if that sounded rude at all. By the way, do you voice Dansen or someone else?

      2. crater525

        Always enjoy seeing ACA whenever there is a new episode. BTW Ryan I did not know you were still into game development. What are you mainly focusing on in the workplace right now?

  12. HeadEraser11

    I think you should extend this out as much as you can and then pull SWBF3 into it in some way, it would be very interesting to see what you could come up with.

  13. Bigfella

    I feel as if ACA season 2 is almost out.

    1. Bigfella

      My mistake?!?

      1. Alex_Vaz

        Word on the street is it might not come out until another year. Hes working on Uncharted 4 and hes close to finishing that. So just sit tight.

  14. Tanner

    Umm… is this still being worked on?

    1. RJ

      It is indeed, just very slowly. I’ll post news when we get more going.

  15. myzone

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  16. Fanboy

    Is there a problem with clone apart? Or is it on a new website? on news it said it was supposed to come out like 2-3 days ago!!!

  17. Biff

    This is such a funny program my dad thought it was funny and even he is sad

  18. quazar1998

    Hey i dont know if this is to much to ask but when do you think your best estimate when season 2 is coming out???

  19. UABP

    Please hurry with season 2, I’m really looking forward to it! Seriously thought, people still watch your stuff, and that includes me 🙂

  20. forward_x

    When is the next episode comming out?

    1. Biff

      Yet I want to know what happens

  21. Gladiator

    Star wars battlefront is the best star wars game ever

  22. quazar1998

    When will a clone apart be back for season 2 man its all a live for not really but ist great and your book was also good.

  23. Halo

    i dont even think i can wait any longer for it…

  24. caboose69

    when is season 2 gettin done?

    1. RJ

      As soon as I can:

      1) Write the script for the last 8 episodes.

      2) Record all that dialogue.

      3) Find the time to edit together everything while working full time on shipping The Last of Us.

  25. ACAfan

    awesome! i cant wait till season 2!! 😀

  26. poker1010

    he has game holy crap

  27. panda1123

    Danson Delta 40 is in love with a reble marksman in season 2! ha ha!

    1. oddbob


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