A CLONE APART Season 1 almost over!

You read that right. A CLONE APART, EPISODE 07 is the second to last episode of Season One, and it’s finally online! Come watch just in time for the holidays, and pick up a gift or two for your loves ones.


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  1. John117854

    when is the next season going to come out because the last episode showed that dansen just gets hit by a monster and then it showed the next season and more

  2. Grasshopper

    All I can say is I have watched and loved a clone apart!!!!!!!! There is nothing else I can say! Another thing though and the only error I have found was when you used a map I’d never seen in the game but that wasn’t an error I looked everywhere hopping for none and that’s a yes! PS I’m a Star Wars geek so watching this makes my day!

  3. JC839

    So no one ever told me. How come you never released A Clone Apart for 4 years?

    1. RJ

      @JC839 Check out our FAQ for some answers.

  4. thenet

    Hey, thank you so much for all the great moments that this series has brought me. I waited for years to get the next parts and it was worth it. Can’t wait to see more episodes.!

  5. quazar1998

    Dude love your work keep at it and you should make a DVD and aell it i would love that quazar out!

  6. iGotzNoSkittles

    The first season is almost over? It felt like A clone apart was just starting. Oh well, hope you guys can launch Season two soon, oh and Merry Christmas guys.

    1. RJ

      There will definitely be a Season 2. Just look at all the stuff in the trailer that’s not been put into episodes yet!

      1. quazar1998

        Make a DVD please that would be awesome and i love your work!!!!

  7. imation131

    definitley the funniest/best aca ever cant wait to see what happens in hoth

  8. tbourff

    I hope they have another season. I love clone apart!!!!!!!!!

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