A CLONE APART: Episode 06 & other news

Come one, come all, A CLONE APART, EPISODE 06 is finally online! While visiting the Illusive Entertainment website, you can also purchase A Clone Apart T-shirts, or sign up as a Subscriber for download access to all the episodes.

In other news, Ryan’s novel FORBIDDEN is now available for pre-order! Participate in our PRE-ORDER CONTEST for a chance to win free FORBIDDEN swag! Once you pre-order Forbidden from any online bookstore, email authorsyriejames@gmail.com with proof of purchase (copy of receipt) and PRE-ORDER CONTEST in the subject line. For each copy you order, you’ll be entered into the contest, so the more copies you order, the more times your name will be dropped into the hat!

Contest closes Jan. 23, 2012.


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  1. peterhalliday

    Just wondering have you filmed season 2

    1. RJ

      Yes and no. The raw footage was shot years ago–hence why we can make a trailer of it–but the dialogue has not been written or recorded yet.

  2. Crittie

    Is season 2 happening or not

    1. RJ

      Yes, but in time. Thanks for your patience.

  3. John117854

    we all are anxious to see season 2 but its been almost 2 years now when is it coming cause we really want to see it.

  4. Turen Tulan

    When can expect season two to show?

  5. Danson Delta-40


  6. GU.156

    I am very anxious about the second season!

    1. JC839

      me too!

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