ACA Episode Seven


Danson returns to the Death Star in a last-ditch effort to get back to his old time–successfully negotiating Imperial docking procedures, Probe Droids, trash compactors, and the best efforts of Alpha Team–all the while unaware that the Rebels are growing ever closer to a two meter wide exhaust port.

Witness the penultimate episode of A CLONE APART’s first season, as things leap forward in new directions.

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  1. Dragonfly

    I love Rook, he’s hilarious xD And the plot thickens.

  2. clone5117

    wow danson is lucky he did not get shot

  3. zombiespartan86

    danson reminds me of caboose from rvb

  4. panda1123


  5. thenet

    Hysterical Laugh!

  6. marcusharrison

    Ohh forget it its working noww 😀

  7. marcusharrison

    oh and i ask because the video only last’s about 2minuts or something like that and isn’t it soposed to last 15minuts and 18segons??

  8. marcusharrison

    Why is episode seven so short?? but its great very funny and danson make’s a good entrance 😀

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