ACA Episode Five


In this the first of two parts, Alpha finally gets his career back in gear just as Danson tries out his first civilian job: working for Boba Fett!

On his first bounty hunt, Danson gets to see firsthand what his new friend Boba is like while working, and stumbles upon an unexpected green creature living on the swampy planet Dagobah. Meanwhile, Scout happily joins Alpha on his new mission, while Bhiff is less than thrilled about it, and Rook…appears to have no feelings.

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  1. Dragonfly

    Yoda swearing was hilarious xD And Danson was brilliant as usual.

  2. aaronine

    fantastic XD it’s soo funny XD but will it be going on youtube like the first 3 episodes?? cos i had to w8 3 hours for the video to fully load 😛

  3. Duffman

    hey guys if your still having trouble getting you tube user back on this site maybe you should try and contact IGN and have Machima post your sites reopening. Sure they would as they are pretty much doing everything nowadays

  4. dert26

    silly Yoda

  5. dert26

    wat episode is this in the series?

  6. Krueger

    “I can give you a *perfect* reason to help me. If you don’t, I’m stuck here on this planet with you. Forever.”

    “…help I will.”

    I love it guys, keep up the great work. =D

  7. Mr. Nehemiah

    Funny! I can’t wait for the next one! (I know it’s in ep 6, but it was funny) “How do expect me to fly that thing?” *yoda waves his hand* “Holy sh~!”

  8. Irish Warrior

    Yes, this was a good one….”continuity errors”! 🙂

  9. clonesharpshooter

    Wow dansen didn’t even see obi wan and he actually hated his own brother as in the bounty bounter

  10. WampaSlayer

    Fantastic, this has to be my favorite one yet. The dialogue between Yoda and Obi was great, esp with Danson asking, “does he have an imaginary friend?” Keep up the great work ^_^

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