ACA Episode Eight


Alpha Team regroups on the other side of their first temporal displacement. Where are they? When? Why can’t they find Danson? And how long ’til someone turns on the damn heat in this place?

In this final episode of A CLONE APART’s first season, Alpha mistakes Hoth for Yavin IV, Rook finally finds a Rebel Base, and Danson re-examines his destiny…and finally gets to meet a lady!

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  1. chadderdon

    when is the next episode coming out I been waiting forever. I love your work on this series and can’t wait for season 2

  2. Cpt.Swift

    Are you still active? And how do I get notifications on when you post new episodes?

    1. RJ

      If you use our Contact form and say you want to be informed about new episodes, you’ll be added to our mailing list and when there’s something new, we’ll be there. You could also add our site to your RSS feeds.

  3. JC839


  4. el-senor-fluffy

    when will season 2 start its been over a year?!?!

  5. Dragonfly

    So much awesomness! I can’t wait for the neaxt series, looks to be good 😀

  6. crater525

    oh boy can’t wait for the next season 😀 gonna be epic

  7. JC839

    Do you think the next season will start by the end of the year?

  8. oddbob

    Need more clone apart episodes!

  9. JC839

    So when does the next season start?

  10. oddbob

    wo wo wo hang on download?

  11. zombiespartan86

    what software do you use to make and edit these

    1. RJ

      Final Cut Pro and After Effects

  12. aidymacBrago

    i love you guys i have been waiting 3 years and i finally see it

  13. oddbob

    when is season 2 i can’t wait any longer!

  14. JC839

    Hey RJ, how come ACA episode 4 was never released for 4 years?

  15. holdensblow

    ha RJ I’ve been trying to use the download link supplied but, I keep getting a “Error 404 – Page Not Found” error… any ideas

    1. RJ

      Something seems to have happend to all our download links. We are working on it–stay tuned!

    2. RJ

      Looks like the issue is finally fixed. Download away!

  16. GU.156

    Awesome, Very Very GOOODD!!!!!!!

  17. RJ

    Glad you all liked it.

  18. Avenger09


  19. iGotzNoSkittles

    When I saw the ending I thought to myself “That was a dirty cliff hanger.” than I remembered, “Oh wait, I can watch the preview for the next episode.” so it was alright.

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