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Episode 04 is now up!

Come one, come all, bring a friend, and check out A CLONE APART, EPISODE 04. Then, let us know what you think of our first venture back in the forums. I’ve overhauled the videos so they should now play faster for everyone, and I appreciate everyone’s patience in this matter thus far.

For those of you worried about the absence of Bhiff, Alpha and the others, just sit tight, Danson deserved an episode on his own before we get back to all his “friends” on the Death Star.

Lastly, for everyone who’s asking about videos for download, we’re working on offering that soon–thanks again for waiting.

ACA Episode Four


Abandoned on Tatooine, Danson is struggling to find a new direction for his life when he runs into a long-lost buddy from his days on Kamino: Boba Fett–now all grown up, but not quite the bounty hunter of legend…yet. Danson’s first journey outside the military takes him from another “violent incident” in the Cantina to the depths of Jabba’s palace, filled with chilling droid torture, witless minions, and, of course, an audience with the big guy himself.

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